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Large families will have discounts with T-MES of up to 50% in Camp de Tarragona (16/04/2009)

Starting now, large families will receive discounts on Catalan public transport. The Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia has published a directive in which the conditions for the application of the fare discounts for large families for public transport are stipulated. A discount of up to 50% for all family members using the T-MES integrated fare system has been established.

The Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia has published an order signed by the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Works, Joaquim Nadal, in which the conditions for the application of discounts for large families using regular public transport motorway and rail service in Catalonia is established.

With these discounts, the fare system is now in compliance with the Law for Family Support which establishes certain discounts in the prices of different services, among them, public transport. The law also specifically mentions the special difficulties of large families and other issues.

Starting 15th April the following discounts will be applied to the T-MES fare option:

a) Families which are in the general category: 20% discount
b) Large families which are in the special category: 50% discount

The sale of this fare option with the corresponding discount in accordance with the category of the large families will temporarily be made at the Customer Service Centre (CSC) of the ATM at the Tarragona bus station located on Pere Martell Street, nº 1.

In order to get the T-MES fare option and take advantage of the discount, you must have a personal ATM card.

Fare options will be sold individually and an original large family ID and an additional copy must be presented to prove validity and status.

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