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  • T-12 CardT-12 Card
    For boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old

Personalising your contactless ATM card

Personalising contactless ATM cards at the CSC office

Personalised ATM cards can be obtained immediately at the ATM's Customer Service Centre (CSC1).

Personalising contactless ATM cards by post

You can also get your personalised ATM card by submitting an application form to the CSC. The form is posted on the ATM web site and available at participating town, city and county councils identified as integrated fare system information points. Postal applications must include a copy of the applicant’s national identity card, residency card or passport and an ID sized photo2. Download the application form.

The following list describes the procedure for obtaining your personalised cards.

To do this in person at a collaborating organisation, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Send your fully completed form to the CSC office together with a photocopy of your national identity card, residency card or passport and an ID sized photo2.
  2. In order to pick up your card and load a fare option onto it, go to the CSC a few days later and pay for the card and the cost of the fare option you would like to load.
  3. Since this is a reusable card, the next time you want to reload your card simply go to any selling point and pay for the fare option you would like.

Personalising contactless ATM T-12 cards

The procedure to request it can be consulted in the following link:: Personalizació T-12

  1. Customer Service Centre.
    Tarragona Bus Station, C. Pere Martell 1, despatx 16 – 43005 Tarragona.
  2. This must be a recent colour photograph. The person in photo must be facing forward and his or her entire face must be visible. Dark glasses or any other items which may hinder the identification of the person in the photo are not allowed.
Anselm Clavé, 1 43004 - Tarragona